XTREM AVENTURES GROUP’s head office is in Paris of France and has 5 branchs, XTREM AVENTURES ASIA in HongKong, XTREM AVENTURES CHINA in Shanghai China, XTREM AVENTURES TURKEY in Istanbul, XTREM AVENTURES USA in Atlanta,XTREM AVENTURES INDIA in New Delhi,XTREM AVENTURES EMIRATES in Dubai .Our president M.Raphaël JAMGOTCHIAN is one of the founder of the adventure sport and he designed and built the most big Forest Adventure Park in Europe and own and manage the second big Forest Adventure Park European in Paris of France. In 15 years,XTREM AVENTURE GROUP designed and built 112 forest adventure park over the word.

We also manage our own Parks in Paris in France, Phuket in Thailand, Atlanta in US, Istanbul in Turkey and Fuzhou,Chongqing,Chengdu and Changsha in China. Managing our parks lets us test the quality and evolution of construction materials, fine-tuning our products for quality and durability.

XTREM ADVENTURES is a disgn,construction and operation of the adventure park.