Founder's profile
Mr. Yang Wenjun, the general manager of Xtrem Aventures China Co, . Ltd, founder of Xtrem Aventuresthe, a specialist accomplished, internationally recognized professional within the ecotourism space. He has successfully established and managed multiple adventure parks in China and can bring economic and social benefits. He has a proven ability to integrate innovation, attract community interest and minimize environmental impact. He participated in the Hubei Liangzi Lake Area Planning jointly conducted by French Urban 2000, and has been appointed as a Chinese Representative at French Urban 2000.
In 2012, Mr.Yang was keenly aware of the great business opportunities for high-end leisure sports in China. At that time, there have no tree climbing parks for parents, children, or adults in China. This not only provided a business opportunity but also brought a new way of engaging in sports for Chinese children and adults, with a focus on cultivating children's perseverance, courage, and teamwork spirit, which kept them away from electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers by exposing them to natural environments to learn to live in harmony with nature. Mr.Yang introduced the French high-end Xtrem adventure forest park into China where the market has seen significant growth. Mr.Yang has designed and built 18 adventure parks in China so far, and he was awarded the China Outstanding Contribution Award for the Amusement Industry in 2020 by the largest amusement association in China.
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