The Advantage of Project
Entertainment—innovation, fun, thrill, and excitement
"Overfly the Jungle" is an outdoor exercise project, set up in the tree, and consisting of adventure, exercise, entertainment, and challenge. Through various obstacles, the project connects trees to construct the route. Players need to pass bridges, rope net, pathways, casks, rope swing, cable way, and other fun parts to embark on this adventure in the trees. Players pass all the obstacles to finishing line by climbing, sliding, swimming, stepping across, jumping, and flying. The entire project consists of all nessary elements for outdoor adventure such as welkin, speed, power, and grit, providing sensory stimulation for participants.
Ecology—nature and environmental protection
"Overfly the Jungle" is designed with strict obedience to European high-altitude construction regulation standard EN15-567-1. The construction and operation of this project, which are based on the jungle layout, highly value environmental protection and nature: never cut down or damage trees; never impact normal growth of trees; never destroy the environment. During the construction, all platforms were equipted through special system to prevent trees from damage: there’s no nail on the trees; there’s no contact between metal components and trees; the protective half logs were used to prevent the trees from being cut by steel wire and from aging. Therefore, every player can fully enjoy the trees with fresh air and authentic soil odor
Safety—standard and professionalism
The 100% safety of "Overfly the Jungle" is proven by all jungle adventure parks all over the world. The construction of this project strictly complys with EU standard NF EN 15567-1 and NF EN 15567-2. The project launches professional employee training, and regularly inspects equipment. This project engages professional instructors to instruct, help, rescue, and counsel players to ensure the safety, both physically and mentally, of players.
The adventure courses are open to everyone from the age of 3 onwards, and include different ranges of difficulty, each marked by color. This activity has been in high demand in France for the past 15 years, and over 700 adventure parks have been built. It is a perfect fit for school trips, birthday parties, bachelor parties, or simply for tourists looking to have a nice time with friends of family. They also attract businesses that wish to organize Team-building retreats and activities – the challenge through the trees is particularly well adapted to this.
The activity is accessible for everyone, including people with disabilities (non-HMR).